The Horse's Infinite beauty


Each of us can see horses and interpret them in many ways. Depending on our unique situations, our perception can change within a year, month, day or even an hour, and the emotions we carry in our hearts, or the thoughts that go through our minds can affect how we see and interpret horses in that exact moment. Just as Zultanite stone changes its colours depending on the light, being open to new perceptions of beauty offers us the chance to see things differently and thus learn new things about ourselves.
Katarzyna Okrzesik-Mikołajek


"I owe every step along my beautiful journey and every lesson I’ve applied to my personal growth to photography. My passion for this art took me from a shy little girl always afraid of the unknown, to the unstoppable and self-confident creator I am today. Through photography, I found the confidence to act on my biggest dreams and discover the world as I pursued my quest to capture the likenesses of the most beautiful creatures of all — horses."
The Horse’s Infinite Beauty


176 pages

captured visions of the most beautiful creation of all - the horse.

5 chapters

which will take you on a journey through my growth as a creator.

84 best photographs

captured during fifteen years of travel.

Limited edition

is a unique opportunity to purchase this special book in one of the two versions.
self-published book


With 180 pages contained in 5 chapters, this coffee table book will take you on a journey through my development as a photographer and show you the places and horses that have touched my soul the deepest, presented through 84 of my best photographs.
Printed on the highest quality premium Super Dull 150 g/m2 woodfree paper with FSC® certificate. Bound in hard cover from CIALUX canvas with silver or golden ornaments.
Book size: 30,5cm x 30,5cm (12in x 12in).
Limited & Special Collector's


PERCEPTION will be available for purchase in two editions: Limited or Special Collector's.
Limited Edition available only in 1,000 copies, bound in hard cover from white canvas
protected by the addition of a dust jacket with silver ornaments.
Special Collector's Edition published only in 100 copies. Bound in hard black canvas cover but with golden ornaments. It differs not only in the setting but also in the first pages. Enriched with a limited photograph sold only with this book, printed on archival paper with a certificate of authenticity. The book, the photo, the certificate will be protected in a special collector's box made of the highest quality materials.


Available for purchase today. The books will be released on July 2, 2022.


Limited Edition

(regular price 195$)
  • Only 1000 copies
  • Worldwide shipping included

Special Collector's Edition

(regular price 1490$)
  • Only 100 copies
  • Worldwide shipping included
  • Certified fine-art photography
  • Handmade collector's box